Watching her dad attempt to play Schumann’s Piano Concerto while singing the orchestral parts at the top of his lungs was Joséphine Ambroselli Brault’s first taste of music. No wonder then that piano became her life’s pursuit. She was awarded her first prize from the Fondazione Antonio Salieri di Legnago in Salzburg (Austria) for a duet with cello when she was barely fifteen years old. Following that, she went on tour in Italy, Germany and the Netherlands, where she decided to pursue her musical training abroad. She left France for five years and studied in Leipzig, Cologne and Brussels. In Brussels, she worked with Jean-Claude Vanden Eynden, who taught her to approach music with intelligence and finesse.

Since then, she has dedicated herself to playing in a variety of chamber music ensembles. A particular highlight has been her energetic duet with the soprano Marie Perbost. Together they won the First Prize in the Nadia and Lili Boulanger International Voice-Piano Competition in 2015, they were awarded at the "Saisons de la Voix" International Competition in Gordes in 2014 and the received the “Friends of Lied” Prize in the International Liedduo Competition in Enschede (The Netherlands) in 2013.

Music is everywhere but her heart is in Paris. Joséphine Ambroselli Brault returned to France to continue her studies in chamber music and vocal accompaniment at the CNSM de Paris. Studying under Anne Le Bozec was an artistic turning point for Joséphine; her teacher exposed her to a world of incredible sonic diversity. Since then, she has continued to search for more various, more vivid and more expressive sounds in her playing. The piano has become a veritable laboratory.

Joséphine is a soloist as well as a chamber musician. She performed at the Salle Gaveau (Paris) in 2012 under the conductor Martin Lebel, who selected her to perform again in 2016 with the Karlovy Vary Symphony Orchestra. Joséphine will also play with the Toulouse Chamber Orchestra in 2017.

Struck at a young age by the advice France Clidat gave her, that “a good pianist is a cultivated one,” Joséphine Ambroselli Brault received a Bachelor’s degree in German Literature and derives strength and originality from an interdisciplinary artistic practice. In 2011, her first original piece, Heading Headlong, which mixes music, dance and literature, debuted at the festival “Courant d’Air” in Brussels. She also created in 2014 “The Was Too Blue”, a musical novel based on the novel A Life by Guy de Maupassant. Her forthcoming project will focus on a song cycle by one of her favourite composers, Francis Poulenc.